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example eighteen different herbs in one prescription and

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the liver independent of hepatic abscess as is shown in the two

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thou rht in some c.scs to arise spontaneously in dogs cats wolves.pel

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In stating the result of my investigations I shall keep in view the

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be obviated by in the early stages combination with calomel and

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in Avidth and the nearer the worn surface approaches the root

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were those of the School of Montpellier inaugurated by

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disease among them especially of contagious diseases and their treat

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Remarks by Mr. HulA e. The structural alterations which

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United States and Canada for the generous treatment they

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night with a little acceleration of pulse and increase of temper

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we abstain from the use of mercurial remedies co exists with

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method has at different times been brought under my notice in

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hitherto written with authority on this subject have done so on

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attenuated than natural. The left auricle was considerably dilated and yellow opaque

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watery eructations. Much has been written on this affection but

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wlien practicable to have recourse to change of locality. It is

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struction partly by sloughing partly by suppuration.

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intimate most practitioners being of the type described as

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the extent and kind of clinical experience on the faith of which

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on chemistry in which art lie obtained great renown both

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The American Medical Association held its thirty seventh

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which has an opposite action are the points to which attention

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moved about as if in search of objects there was a rolling motion

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quinine is most advantageously given at suitable intervals in from

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nut to the left of the mesial line anteriorly. The labor proba

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been called in question. Nor may we doubt the advantages

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of faith. In these efforts the industrious Moors were

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falls down insensible makes a few hurried gasping respirations

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to learn to swallow liquids. Occasionally in very young

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described how the blood left the right side of the heart

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factories where it was popularly believed they derived no

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Of various gifts and various degrees of talent they were all of

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tion. But when carried beyond this limit or when given in

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measure. On inquiring into the state of health of the other detach

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tissues behind the auricle were swollen and tense and the

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however only took place towards the close of the disease after the

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Called the boy to me he recognized my voice seemed to see

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along through the stable from thirt to forty feet apart. Tliev should

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of the affection should be very carefully watched with the view of

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re admitted into the clinical ward on the st August. The abdomen was

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Admissions and Deaths from Rheumatism in the Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy

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formation of swelling and hardness which threatened to pass on to

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constitution has been good and earlier when it has been bad.

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