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    was one of the circumstances which led to the adoption of that

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    demanded the most prompt and decided measu.res for their relief. There was pungent

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    work the food back. It is the same in the human mouth.

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    work on this topic familiarly known as Rogeriana enjoyed

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    volume of natural frequency with a peculiar thrill. The prsecordial dulness could not

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    illness dating from the commencement of cerebral symptoms to

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    wintergreen will usually be retained. Digitalis may be com

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    ular and rain current very apt to be broken up prematurely by

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    fluid with floating acephalocysts and echinococci and numerous

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    show a marked predisposition in those who have been the frequent

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    years from to and in the Bycalla Schools for the seven

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    rectly from the grass to the butchers. Still later the vast herdin

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    gious some of which being not at all amenable to surgical

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    which injury does not co exist. In a word when the wound is

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    suspicion that much of the dark green gelatinous and other varie

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    have observed in the Bevistas de Ciencias Medicos the favor

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    according to the amount of hypertrophy or the degree of re

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    Pbof Germain See in the Bulletin de V AcadSmie de Midi

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    unfavourable results were stated. M. Boudin not only kindly showed me cases under

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    in children and the principles laid down for its use in the adult

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    ing Alcohol retards digestion in the artificial digestion

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    disease those in which after three or four hours of characteristic

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    plied to it camphor mixture should be exhibited every second

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    stances of particular cases. For example if in the treatment with

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    Secondary and Tertiary Symptoms of Dyspepia Dr. Bock.

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    common being simple soreness or inflammation of the conjunctiva lining

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    The muttering delirium and tendency to drowsiness coming on

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    rough and knotty urine contains albumen and sugar mere

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    quences of intermittent fever unless it be prevented or lessened

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    land there is very little variation the year round in relative

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    The secondary trap formation of the part of the Deccan in which

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    Inspection fourteen hours after death. Head. The vessels of the pia mater were

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    worthy of study even at the present day. In this line of i

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    In both natives there was abundant serous effusion and the

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    tain conditions are present which cause the patient more or

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    have been given in writing at a previous stated meeting.

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    blue pill were ordered every second hour with effervescing draughts. The evening

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    at this office from licentiates complaining that the medical law

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    definite period or till after days or even weeks they have

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    occasionally happens that cases of remittent fever which ultimately

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    opium to each dose. But after a time the adverse action of the

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    rious armies of Europe were soon furnished with better

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    are separated which has given rise to some discussion among

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    tliough the latter is better remembered for his works

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    possible to raise such a stock as the Teeswater from pure Sliorl Horn

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    It is to phenomena of this kind that the term Tetanus has

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    upon tlie Continent and displaying in many ways a great i

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    the portal veins then to quicken the portal capillary circulation by

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    in chief to the Grand Army and wliom Napoleon I called

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    small intestine and where not inflamed was thinner than natural as if stretched.

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    highly recommends resorcin in gastric disorders. He was very

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