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pounds which may prove of avail at the bedside as antipyretics j

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to a string was left in the rectum suppositories of half a

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It is not denied that in sthenic Europeans in India bilious

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means we secure to some extent a redistribution of blood

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attention has not been sufficiently fixed on this question of

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Various purgatives with anti spasmodics anodynes enemata amp c. were freely used.

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The weak and the strong should never be fed together else the strong

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great wastes will be made to blossom with something of more

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justifiable and feasible to day patients as a matter of

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Considering the circumstances in which cirrhosis occurs the

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are insensible and extend slowly over the legs and arms to the

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substance and considerable oedema of the right lung with hepatised nodules here and

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pauper and six cripples and consumptives can amount to much.

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importance with the view of preventing the disease of protection

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eleven weeks or nearly three months. M. Fessicr a French observer

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syringe was removed and filled with turpentine this was now

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checking of haemorrhages the seventeenth accomplished

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is covered with small granular elevations like a mulberry. If

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Boudin s work that the disease is also unknown to me.

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The inheritance of the prepotent blood of sires upon an already valua

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Pulmonalis in the Jamsetjee Jejeehhoy Hospital at Bombay for the Six

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covered and was discharged twenty days after residence in hospital.

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cheese of which we exported tons during the year. In

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upon the evidence he was invited to dinner by some mem

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Should it do so the cold pack or the cautious administration

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diaphoretics diuretics and purgatives rubefacients antimonials and on two occa

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annoy are due to the presence of germs in the alimentary

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for hours when it was again placed on the Avorker lightly worked and

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Another feature worthy of consideration is the varied and

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