Seasonale Or Seasonique

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Remain Unsh en. Changes Effected in Consequence. Comparison of

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kidney and albumen transudes with the urine. In chylo serous

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the terror while it existed. So strictly was the rule of segrega

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that has accrued to surgery from the practical application

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these Hill Sanitaria applied as now explained must be in propor

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rectum or in the mare per vagina if examined by running the finger

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not difficult to detect a train of symptoms more fairly attribu

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roundings help to lengthen the span of leper life. But sad

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ance is given. Special attention should be paid to the allowance of salt.

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the remedies which have been previously used. It is very evident

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Continue this reatment for several weeks and the muscle will.en r Iv

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vomiting hiccup pulse frequent and failing in strength. Latterly abdomen full with

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tracts along the southern base of the Sautpoora Hills in localities

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according as the inflammation affects the peritoneal covering or is

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inflammation compared with congestion a deranged state in

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When the distress was greatest with protruding eyeballs she

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Splenic enlargement existed in of the clinical cases and

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lation of the work accomplished in late years by the present

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ansBsthetized with Squibb s chloroform and placed in the litho

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paying attention to these four all important agencies has led to

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regard to that system observed by authors upon this subject

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with a few grains of blue pill at bed time repeated every second

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Angeles during the rainy season. He said he thought it rained

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the operation for laparotomy that I use the ordinary knot and

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movement of the blood in the portal capillaries and the mucous

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ure upon the fact tliat he was perliaps the first to refuse

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Tremens in the European General Hospital at Bombay

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me merely to afford another illustration of that general law on

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The usual tinnitus aurium observed to follow small doses ad

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satility and wrote on a variety of subjects his best known

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considering the fact that he is also a subject of diabetes the

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the day before admission. The purging became more frequent. The dejections con

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use of students. In other words the Quiz Compends are a

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Peuch in his collection of over two hundred cases of vicari

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brandy and the draught three times but he continued agitated talking incoherently

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relation to the injudicious use of purgatives is equally applicable

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But in respect to Europeans there is no reason for questioning its accuracy.

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cumstance the large number of admissions in these months is

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From the introductory note we quote the following To the

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seen among sheep and swijie. The latter sometimes lose some of the digital

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in keepin lt r the temperature. Be careful as heat always drops when

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tically unnoticed until aft r his death which occurred in

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I have called attention to this symptom and I shall follow

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the year in a soldier of her Majesty s th Regiment at

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