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    International Medical Congress. We shall Record the News of

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    ease and tlie Latin satirists like Horace and Juvenal

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    results noted under the head Morbid Anatomy. There it is stated

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    paper on the Epidemics of the Bengal and North West Presidenciesf

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    continues to the foot and widely expanding is inserted in front of the

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    gives a mortality of per cent on the admissions and shows that

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    torily testing the success or failure of treatment to inquire into the

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    r les limited friction sounds notable shrinkage of lung affect

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    cable which passed across the epigastrium. When received into the hospital an hour

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    generally found efficacious in dysentery as calomel blue pill

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    and instantly expires. This is death by syncope. Or a sense

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    and Romney marshes and those roared in the rich agricultural districts

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    symptoms till the th October. Throughout this period the deafness was.constant

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    constitution characterised by exudation of plastic lymph to that

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    exhibition to her of an artificial rose violent symptoms recur

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    veins congested. Deen Mahomed aged thirteen a Mussulman buggy driver was admit

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    that jets of water are thrown by the syringe along the under

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    of the ahmentary canal are left in any te. d P tiou

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    ordain. Tlie tribunal of Chatelct according to lienouard

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    I have not thought it necessary to notice particularly a train of


    entirely and sick humanity would be none the loser. And

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    flatus. The liver was slightly enlarged flabby and of pale yellow colour. The review

    thirteen children. Originally intended for the clerical pro

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    times an appropriate channel by which to lessen the water of

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    based upon absolutely the same recognition of causeSrj

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    through the conjunctiva near the inner canthus was firmly

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    transverse streaks without the granular deposit extended somewhat higher. The

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    influence of mental anxiety ought also to be regarded and in

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    When the late William M. Rysdyk purchased the Charlea Kent mnr.

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    the view of avoiding the constipating effect of the opium. Tartar

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    Enlargement. Antonio Domingo a native of Goa and following the occupation of a

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    headache related to malarious influence mercurial or syphilitic

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    Caustic Any burning agent as potash nitrate of silver. To cautonzo

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    however continued. Nourishment was taken frequently in small quantities and the

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    of the gynecologist detects a pyosalpynx and in a twinkling

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    In a large number of treatises on physiology even of the

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    ever very generally of no avail to adopt this course within the

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    cachexia not far advanced is beneficial still it may confidently

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    the epigastric region reached to the umbilicus. It was suspected to be hydatid.

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    depletion purgatives and mercury have been used in excess and

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    should be given at intervals in four or five grain doses ac

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    VI. Complication of dysentery with morbid lesions of the sto

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    was stationed in the barracks at Colaba in the island of Bombay.

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    Philadelphia as the highest representative body of the profes

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    on the other. He then took a Paquelin cautery heated to a red

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    tality of the mothers is the same sixteen or per cent of

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    cachectic habit and four were instances of pericarditis secondary

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    which there succeeded convulsive agitation of the hands which

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    has not been circumscribed by an organised layer and has not been

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    which the degree of the dropsy calls for reduction by evacuation

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    relaxation of the tissues generally. The malarial toxaemia

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    ji ot Lying Down. k serious disability to a hard worked horse.

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