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    the European Greneral Hospital the greater prevalence of the

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    in malarious fevers but I am not aware that mercury had been

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    the circumstances of particular cases no question can arise but the

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    temporary detention and with this view they were sent to Poona

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    although in a minor degree pertains to the aorta. The walls

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    reflexly because of his more celebrated descendant of the

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    Under the use of cautious leeching small blisters and quinine combined with

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    The lids having been closed iodoform was dusted over them

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    Bison misnamed Buffalo of America and the true Buffalo of Africa.

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    places so as to permit the pent up fluid to escape and thus

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    ing penetrated to the inflated cellular tissues with the blade of

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    was not noticed until he injected a fluid through the tube. He

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    four fingered paddle with wires aerof sthe lingers great eare beinir luken

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    may not be ended but probably it may have already been in

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    symptoms mentioned except that the temperature is not high

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    scopical elements. He is also scarcely move celebrated for

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    Symptoms. The attack is generally sudden often without

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    Samuel E. Latta San Francisco Rush Medical College HL

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    tients who were in his charge. The courage thus exhibited

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    the lungs pleurisy inflammation of the bowels or periton

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    erable. Hair well covering the hide soft and fine and if

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    present for six months but her disorder has been coming on

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    organisms whicli he divided into aerobes and anaerobes

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    of disease and the special cause of cholera is the same as that

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    the abdomen full and fluctuating. The respiration was somewhat hurried and there

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    event is most likely to occur when the abscess is large.

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    way intelligence and reason become triumphant thence I

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    sionally happen when the depression is very great that the use of

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    who lefl his surgical museum to the College of Physicians

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    this disease was in the hospital of Her Majesty s th Regiment at

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    be found j the perineum extended clear over it in an unbroken

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    tion that may form side bones contract the tendons etc. If obliged to

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    ence in lowering febrile excitement which it is of essential conse

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    and extended to the towns in the adjacent districts up to the middle

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    Careful observation in tropical climates will satisfy the inquirer

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    results are deduced from the consideration of cases.

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    dealers to excuse their presence by saying the colt w

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    the skin makes it dry and brittle and impairs its nutrition.

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    where the cattle can keep warm. Neither the one nor the other is

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    eral control of a Board of Trustees residing there. The Board

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    classifications of tlie time the regular profession was sup

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    thorn are very considerably diminished but not to the same extent as in

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    l vd struck the earth and rebounded. A favorite sport with the children

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