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seems almost unconscious of any respiration whatever.

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she said Vhat other women used sassafras tea. She was

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In none of the three were cavities suspected to exist. From these

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mucus about the pharynx larynx and mouth and a consequent

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When on the hocks the points are found much swollen hot tender

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to its presence in the effusion than to its transudation into the

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the digestive organs are defective good milch cows are rarely met with

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passage of the blood through this septum contending that

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Since the death of Dr. Flint the manuscript has been issued in

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diagnosis is settled about what we have to expect and can

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considerable distention of abdomen. Died on the night of the th.

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the more extensive inflammation of the mucous membrane of the

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to get medical papers mixed as such papers often do I should

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ness and care more especially in regard to young children which

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Internal diseases cannot bo illustrated except to depict the actici.a of

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look forward to having a really educated dental profession.

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that medicine on which I was taught to depend completely embarrassed me and

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the California Southern railroad. After leaving San Diego

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the second stage because opium had very generally been given


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sey has standard of symmetry peculiarly its own which we illustrate hy

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new journal laid on our table. It gives as the excuse for its

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guished writers I can not but think that blisters are the worst

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