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upon which all else rests. Hence the pictorial story of thrift and

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had been present before admission in seventeen of the clinical

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consumption dryness of air and soil and the invigorating

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and quizzing. Finally he attracted the attention of Cul


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work The best physician will be the one who is somewhat

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is here represented in excess still from hospital experience and

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the hard floor. Some horses have the habit of Lu b btddi

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and common flour of equal parts. This is to be applied as

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hearing normal. Patient complained frequently of pain in

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lemeau the first improvements that the moderns made in

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is practically important for when observed it may be viewed as

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a quorum but for the purposes specified not less than eight

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or the slough having been thrown off the muscular coat may be

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Wet Sheet Packing. Within the last few years the treatment

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Hermes was according to mythology the founder of medi

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of the pupils narcotism stupor swelling of the head and delirium. On

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m by the horny hoo gt. Hence it fonJJ d d and covered

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to which the foregoing description applies the population of

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tels Prey and Heiligenthal and in hypochondriasis in

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while almost every farm has its orchard and its grove of trees

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be characterized as one of aggrandizement for pliysicians

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my revered grandfather. Let me call your attention to the

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before it finally ceases and this change in type is an indi

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XI. Medical treatment Dilatation of the cavities hypertrophy

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with dyspepsia which was especially said of pityriasis versi

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determines the type which that fever assumes. These views we

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above the level of the sea while the greatest depression is that

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gradual influence irrespective of distinct paroxysms of fever.

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nature also that the vital forces of men and of beasts are

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ance was at Hartford Conn. on August th.fh T r P f

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their chief excellencies to this system though in them it is modified by

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these diseased germs and they deduce this conclusion more

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with crrain. Carrots and parsnips may be raised witli proper nnplcments

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ing cough usually run a very mild course. During the six

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tory results locally in the diphtheritic exudation of scarlet

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in NothnagePs clinic. He concludes that thallin is very similar

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slight lesion as an inextensive aortic stenosis may prove

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on the different phases of this important question and I desire

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breathing. Leeches were applied to the head a blister to the

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