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The true practitioner like the editor the lawyer and the

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hogs wolves innumerable and a full grown cat being the trophies of li.s

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alcoholism or excessive fatigue with exposure the congestion

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of Trustees have charge of all general college funds and apply

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attributes of the breed under examination as interpreted by the sports

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and defined the disease as a form of phthisis which often fol

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however Mr. Carter s excellent paper which contains much

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the usual channels as an indication in their treatment. Clinical

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Another mixture free from odor but difficult of application

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the influence of personal sympathy and force of character

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In fatal cases of tetanus death takes place partly by apnoea not

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young ladies and gentlemen in the cabin. That music failed

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consumption. A favorable prognosis was given based on these

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ciation says Dr. David T. Smith of Louisville accounts

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climate and usually seeking admission into hospital after having

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ence with the continuance of other suitable measures is indicated

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The observation umversally made by European writers that the

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other farm sock are not required to take more exercise than is necessary

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as severe as in the latter. The general description is equally ap

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Capped Hock A swelling on the points of the h f h.o

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following words The case of a foot artilleryman sent from

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names beingderived from the power that operates thein. They are agreat

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some years resident in India living freely and suffering from occasional attacks

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renders it probable that this event had already occurred. What

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haemorrhage eighteen hours after its separation.. One in the

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from the commencement of illness was per cent. The single

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should be given its activity to be proportioned to the vigor of

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pyaemia as a pathological condition we must allow that the

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educated physician who allows his name to be advertised as

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no reference to the use of mercury in the hsemorrhagic cases with

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Society illegal practitioners the causes of their employment

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one wlio has exercised still more influence upon our pro

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the utter inadequacy of such preparation. His most im

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contractions the heart would relieve itself as has been previ

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variola as established by popular observation. Sutton I

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of leprosy the bacillus leprsB is obtained. On the other hand

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This latter condition of consolidation is not stated with sufficient

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account of the school of Salernum a few words must be

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toms of excess of action continue to the close. There is never

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must endeavour to effect in some forms of disease by antiphlogis

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making no provision for warming every room intended for

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