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planation for it reminds me of an interesting question once

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these are the columns which support the body l ut they should not

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that the period referred to is that during which the fluctuating

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stances n the food and medicine b too hot mashes etc. Thet oftt

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recollect the natural tendency of the disease to remit and after a

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Linnteus and Lavoisier as well as of Bach Haydn Beet

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established and an ably conducted medical journal. Rural

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secure carefully prepared articles from the different portions of

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so m their attributes since the e.d est i T have rcnained

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all inquiries as to a possible cause gt f the hemorrhage she gave

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army and information from other sources. I have witnessed the

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across the mouth or tube of an artery they merely place the

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ous menstruation sums up his statistics as follows Menstrua

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found that the best results were obtained when some of the

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points this seemed to me to be the process by which in two

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George W. Van Schoiack Pasadena College of Physicians

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There is but one opinion among the physicians on the Islands

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regains his strength and efficiency slowly will after the removal of

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combined or contemporaneous with remittent fever. Since the doc

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to cold at night in a boat. The paralysis had commenced in the

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native child who was brought to the dispensary of the Jamsetjee

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viz. whether the effused fluid should be removed by paracentesis

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admitted into the European General Hospital on the th March. He had

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