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portion of the lymph changing into pus has formed a circum

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pale and mammillated. There was vascularity of the commencement of the mucous

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The importance of this statement is nowhere more perfectly

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caused each year by every article of the materia medica which

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covery or death. First of all he should ascertain as nearly as

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between the affected and the total hospital admissions of the dif

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is the locality on the eastern side of which the character of the

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niglit and morning by the sick bed for twenty years yet

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and the various branches which pertain to it are too com

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Especial care must be taken of the ewes at and near lambing tinu

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istered for the purpose of surgical anaesthesia and who was

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tion. A slow and gradual fall is more serious than a rapid

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favourable circumstances of smaller numbers greater control and professional agency

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was a sense of fulness and uneasiness experienced in the course of

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authority of Mr. Bruce Campbell to that Earl of Marchmont who sue

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from filth crowding and imperfect ventilation and having features

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post morteiA examination in case foul play was suspected

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squabbles and in two to a strain while working. In two the

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rather than of pullets. Th bird seomsTnablf t l gt

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most part enlightened men and at the same time free

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and wearisome voyages witliont encouragement or hope of

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Gfcs a iore Tho condition of prcrnancv lt.r J.nin u

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febrile pneumonia within ten days from the commencement of

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compared with that of the substance of the liver he must already

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Tea she said made from four or five pieces of the root as

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himself acquainted with the diathesis of his patient and I shall

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rainfall less reliable than it otherwise would have been. As

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the sound structure elsewhere a solution of J grain of sulph.

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tage in well conditioned native troops in the cold season in the

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stages of illness. The conclusion to be drawn from the statement

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played in the social life of the ancient Greeks and Romani

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judicious management of Dr. Hunter formed a pleasing contrast to

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The secondary febrile and inflammatory states are more or less

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terminate in exudation of lymph mercury may be proposed on

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oysof the family and while running with the nmre thev become

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adopted. It may be admitted that when a part of the secreting

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prompt action of Guiscard who swore he would slay his

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poses. At present we only approach our ideal but are

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