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zinc, 40 grs. to the ounce of water, which has a remarkable

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municating with Mr. Ernest Clarke at the offices of the Royal

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bidden to men who do liold a degree, modesty and good sense would

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Dr. R. B. Anderson. The deputation consisted of Major-

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spironolactone dosage for acne treatment

woman jury in the j)resent case was if they have not given token of tlic

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siders that this region of the neck, which is the seat of great

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on medical specialists has also helped to boost phy-

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have been gradnilly altered and moulded into tlieir ivrmal

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sarkosin, kreatin. and so forth. The final "e " is always omitted

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from time to time during the last thirty years, on the facts

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briefly describe a few of the things which passed under my

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once taken away. There must be a very real danger of hernia

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safely considered to be limited to the cervix " seemed un-

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representing respectively the Conservative, Liberal Union-

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Three deaths from small-pox of persons belonging to London were

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It is thus clear that about one death in every thirty-six is

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preceding tiiree quarters, declined to 4,545 during the tliiee months end-

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and scientific formulas are carefully avoided. Short and clear

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the film “Prevention of Pulmonary Embolism by Par-

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taking aldactone when pregnant

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casualty room, shall be required to pass through tlu!

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than the full rate of board ; of these 27 were paying not more than 203. a

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in a week began to die away. On December 31st, two or

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dilution, and it is plain that the constituents of the water

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was no difference in the symptoms or course of heart disease

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and West Indian Alliance attended, consisting of Major-

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is dusted over sterilised cultivating jelly in a test tube,

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was an enlarged right kidney, very movable, and placed with its long

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Dental, Tu. F., 9.30; Eye, Tu. Th. S., 2; Ear, Tu., 10 : Orthope-

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suppose that the injurious substance is taken up by the lymph-

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rich von p]smarch, the eminent surgeon of Kiel, celebrated

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spoken faithfully, and with an earnestness far removed from

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