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have just been detailed and which had for some time been enter

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physical identity remains in the bodies of each since the

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The doctor s next step was to insert his left hand into the

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Hilly and here suggested would seem to show a resemblance to

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perature average for year of each month average change

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Hepatic abscess may extend in the proximity of the diaphragm

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cles this stimulated the authorities to organize a com

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tongue or of the alvine excretions or what the condition of the

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sional sponge ever absorbing never producing. And so shall

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vasated blood which generally radiated from the optic disc.

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tural lesions c There are cachectic states from malaria scurvy

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factories where it was popularly believed they derived no

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of the noose open after they bridge across the artery and fie

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presented at his clinic was one of hysteria. He said When

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in consequence of the different system of classification followed by

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striking and satisfactory in the whole range of rational therapeutics

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The practice of blood letting in the cold stage of intermittent

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habits than in the tertian type and in asthenic constitu

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peans or natives and has existed for several days the proceeding

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system being transferred to the liver. But it by no means follows

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Aside from the crude and often wild notions which liave

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exhibiting other indications of intemperance I have never witnessed

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The Lady Doctors. The Scottish College of Physicians

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Hygienic considerations should therefore have their full weight in plan

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Dear Doctor About fifteen members of the profession were

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Ixish student and said jokingly I will now proceed to an

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the Philadelphia County Medical Society by William A. Edwards

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stages the greater duration of the cold in tertians and quartans

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my attention. In my cases little notice is taken of the condi

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