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more reserve and direct our attention to stimulants and nourish

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Part of the intestine chiefly affected. On this point observers

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of the Indian army is not necessarily confirmatory of identity of

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livery is effected through the os without section of uterus and

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jncoso the more important th. tendon is in iTerThelCn sory

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athyy Electrohoinceopaihy of Mattei. Cranioacopy or Phrenology Gall and

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of Lyons wrote another. Le Cluse first mentioned the

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had frightened her. Report of Chicago Oynecological Society

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hone sphenoid. This with the ethmoid bone supports the base of

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being the most humane although pretty severe is the best to pursue

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the history of events of this kind be rightly investigated the in

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rhubarb and saline cathartics used however with caution in

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resented in one of the illustrations given t h cJT Z P

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abstaining from the use of opiates astringents alteratives and

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and the cardiac form of the disease should be borne in mind and

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ciable change of the parenchyma result. Appearances occasionally

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Prevention. Feed a horse according to his work. If he is doinir

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states and the less control over its course are deserving of notice.

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ment may be met by the objection that the numbers are probably

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To consider this symptom from another point of view pain

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From the th the countenance was anxious and dysenteric foetor was observed.

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seaman of the ship Triumph suifered from chronic dysentery from July th to

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The inquirers have generally assumed that there probably exists

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oatniga seemmg want of strength but this impression immtdi tet

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tunity of saving many useful lives frittered away thousands

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the natural coats of the intestine were entirely destroyed. All the intestines great

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college as the most conspicuous. He has performed the operation above two hundred

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one feels as if he were in an atmospheric prison and describes

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hinds in the European General Hospital at Bomhay for the Five Years

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animals hy which he established its efficiency and made a

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distinction between the cholagogue and the constitutional action of

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The symptoms are white coloured alvine discharges often formed

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ward hke a knuckle the heels raised slightly the tendons contracted

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fying myself on this point of practice. The bath was plainly

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progress and again afterwards If P rn aJe durin. it

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Inspection twelve hours after death. The abdomen distended the body emaciated.

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to this bold and radical treatment is due the saving of many

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Part of the intestine chiefly affected. On this point observers

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of the world and the old garret is forgotten until by and by

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the fastest running time no one of course can tell T buying

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every day and fed according to the work i erformed.

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cases and it was observed in three during the time they were

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two the whole exact school of France is hased. But the

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We find in medicine as in other branches of knowl lt

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I pass into another receiver where I pump in a certain number

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so plainly shown that it cannot be a matter of any possible

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disease and states of the constitution they assist very materially

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upper tube was found to be almost entirely occupied by a large

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the tliroat dewlap brisket belly and fianks and they uro now fash

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There are between thirty and foi ty regular practitioners in

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felt two months before when engaged in his occupation had gradually increased and

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respiration and pulse are not rapid indeed the former is some

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effected in the blood may be are questions which have been much

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order of the senate of the faculty stamped upon the breast

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abscess with flocculent walls and peritonitic inflammation. No intestinal ulceration.

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Give a teaspoonful every two hours till the brain symptoms are abated

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