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    Tenterden church which stands upon the hill overlooking the

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    all surgical operations are much more readily cared for than

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    diseases and the investigation is materially assisted by the variety

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    in the soil without polluting the earth the air and the water

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    In my notes on the cases of sick officers there are several which

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    vantage of the occasion to take as he thought ten grains of

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    into the clinical ward on the th August. There was incomplete hemiplegia of

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    mur alone observed in ten cases and of these the termination was

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    should invariably lead the way and enter first into the sick

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    Communications are invited from physicians everywhere especially

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    Should on the other hand the disease be first submitted to our

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    serum effused between the layers of the arachnoid membrane and into the ventricles.

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    The supper furnished by Delmonico was elaborate including

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    Rub this thoroughly in and let it remain three days. Then wash

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    economic food value of the olive and its especial adaptability

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    bowels attended with constipation and requiring much general and local depletion for

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    those who have contributed to the world s progress. He

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    Dr. Mucas Championere of Paris. It consists of light car

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    place in this class of cases. Always provide against habitual

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    This is just the reverse of tetanus the nervous system loses its

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    tissue and every step of success towards this end must improve

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    or enfeebled from any previous disease or dissipation if he

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    the abscess is generally superficial and not likely to have much

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    Dr. Barton Dozier graduate of the University of Pennsyl

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    Dyspnoea Some degree of shortness and hurry of the respira

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    abnormal vascularity or effusion in the head. The lungs healthy with exception of

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