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necks of piles and polj pi to make them ulcerate and slough

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the mucous membrane or sub mucous tissue or of both should

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Inspection eight and a half hours after death. The body swollen from anasarca.

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gers etc. is of great importance as bearing directly upon the health as

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What to do. Wounds are conunon and in most cases have to.

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dilatation with hypertrophy of the left ventricle and disease of the

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depressed state of the circulation characteristic of the cold stage

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pellucid vesicles are without central depression they come out

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no claims whatever to originality well knowing that there

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disease comes under treatment at a more advanced stage or in a

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European General Hospital I was indebted for the opportunity of witnessing the

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through the sub endocardial afferent fibers to the cardio inhib

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cow from using her heels for injury. Patiently show her that she will

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the condition occui s and enabling us more satisfactorily to

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Atropine in doses of jJo grain has been used by Dr. Gray in

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wet has been occasionally noticed and it may be presumed that

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strange to say Kasori liad a numerous and an eminent

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boldly asserted tliey were with ceitainty to be cuied by the

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chie. For the latter Van Helmout liad at tirst little respect

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tocMvoights forward will sometimes remedy this. If in old horses it

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