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    the middle of June to the end of September by incessant rain and

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    associated with it. This dulness may be produced partly by dis

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    tracted cases of fever a marked depression of vital action chiefly of

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    and convulsion. The mortality is considerable and the occun ence

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    cattle horses and meadows will vanish and in their places will

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    great especially if care is taken to pass the needle as near

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    Counter Irntation kn application to irritate one part to relieve pain in

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    that the case was hopeless without an operation and would

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    that led Sydenham to regard dysentery as fever turned in upon the

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    this volume. One is the breeding together of imimals very elosely re

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    Annesley s opinion was founded on the results of some experi

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    Fleam. Strictly speaking one kind of lancet and that which in old

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    working stock but not force.d since sufficient frame work for continued

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    weed amamnth pursley portulacca and vimous other succulent pUuits

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    and laid upon it cotton soaked in the variolous pus moist

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    uterus from abdominal cavity by the long incision j then con

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    cows than any other of the domestic animals. It is usually explained by

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    In my observations on the pulse in the preceding chapter I have

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    this subject in the United States was from the occurrence of a

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    not simple but a complication of remittent fever. Then the course

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    herent to the iliac fossa is found calculated by its pressure to

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    The first question which naturally arises is as to the amount

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    essary. herefore a great error would be made in placing these animals

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    cases in eleven the improvement was effected without mercmy

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    be altogether inappropriate briefly to allude to other Hill climates

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    of cellulai osseous fibrous and other tissues as such

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    prescription he wrote on the fly leaf of a prayer book in answer

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    Metastasis to the testicle was observed in several cases of chronic

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    from the commencement of illness was per cent. The single

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    expect to check its progress and lessen the predisposition to attacks

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    be normal in number. These facts have led authors to differ

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    I trust the Los Angeles Medical College festivities passed off

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    hard and has the feeling of bone. The soreness may extend over tho

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    Ceylon and by medical officers of the Indian army Dr. Malcolm

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    the liver losing its firmness becomes soft flaccid and pulpy.

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    people as a sorcerer in league with the devil. Neveitlie

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    Ijecame a professor in Paris and is best known by thn


    mate cause of albuminous urine in Bright s disease are increased

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    ical centres but the scope of these chapters does not cover

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    sive inflammation because the former as a substitute for hepa

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    mitted into hospital on the rd January. There was tenderness on pressure at

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    sary to discuss this theory I urtlier hut I may mention the

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