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    tubes for easily throwing it below. The chute for straw may be the

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    land remarks That mercury possesses no prophylactic influence against fevers has

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    useful to produce sleep in several cases of pyrexia in young

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    revival and more accurate study of experimental physi

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    Belladonna is a favorite remedy with some and when much used is

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    toms will appear in the course of twelve hours. In the next twxlve

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    are in accordance with the views entertained of the pathology and


    drachms tincture of hyoscyamus two drachms every second hour till he sleeps brandy

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    in which the circulation is steady the skin not covered with per

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    of comparison Aiken as a southern inland and Jacksonville

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    ing answer. The question is full of interest and importance

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    unnecessary use of calomel and purgatives during the hot stage.

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    by a lever in the hands of the executioner. The criminal is

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    true but that this effect is usually caused by the direct transmis

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    with more or less generosity by caliphs or the wealthy who

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    medicine here in Oregon that there is any necessity of their

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    in that way and then proceeding as I have already outlined.

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    We believe the Southern California Practitioner has

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    The breadth and extent forward of this front escutcheon indicates the

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    Hsnv Q felOW It. Unusually rapid improvement exuberant spirits

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    from to only nine deaths occurred in hospitals dur

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    the other hand that milk is an efficient anti scorbutic under certain

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    gait for all purposes and all classes.ind h tely useful

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    coats of that organ and of tho bowels and sometimes ecchymosis and

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    present such degree of headache as to call for special treatment

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    imnent food or liquids from entering t he w f Projection to

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    a lengthened sea voyage in a comfortable ship to more temperate

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    But while importance is thus attached to these partial imperfect

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    this phenomenon. He saw that the blood could not pene

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    sometimes in large volume along the foot of the terraces and

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    weakness and inability or unwillingness to exert himself and

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    ical case yet there has recently occurred an accident to one of

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    Pharmacy in the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy etc. etc. based

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    either side. The whole operation was performed antiseptically

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    to our industries and provides an additional means for the

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