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I trust the Los Angeles Medical College festivities passed off

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there was constant incoherent low muttering the pupils were very

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considered his cases to be malignant disease not hepatic abscess.

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abdomen. I suggest that idea but I repeat that I have no

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forth the efforts of Indian Governments and their servants in medical education will

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guished not only in his chosen tield of medicine but as a J

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lids or persons of delicate constitution may have accurate informatiOD upon which

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to get medical papers mixed as such papers often do I should

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John Devair aged twenty five seaman was admitted on the th November .

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case alluded to death was undoubtedly hastened by this proceeding

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It is not a little remarkable that this secretion which

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The two systems are united in the north by Mount Shasta

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The supposed accordance of the latest theory of urinary secre

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in private to the Board of Censors who shall if possible adjust


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