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new series Transactions Medical and Physical Society of Bombay thus states his


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pale and shrivelled and appeared not much larger than a pin

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There is much to be said also for certain measures such

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being glossed with green and hav n.. siokle feathers

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laws and should he fail or neglect to so complete his member

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combined art and science had a definite history we find

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way to where the head and neck join. The neck of ram should

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asking in faith the power to reverse and annul the laws which

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makers at an early age quite up to the highest Short Honi Jtandard.

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side when fully developed are hero represented in their natural

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or fourth hour and it will be very necessary in such cases to

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succulent fruit and the wells about the farm are full to within

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Intermittent or remittent fevers are according to my experience

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come from bruuses they may come on any part of the lee

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and other dysenteric symptoms. Ptyalism not induced. He was discharged on

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year to year the power of the American Tl demonstrated from

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in a state of induration and three of hepatisation. Thus then

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found to be attacked by glaucoma in its sub acute form.

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excess in another direction and vice versa. At any rate the cow that

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been preceded by the symptoms of the acute degree the diarrhoea

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there is a very interesting communication from Dr. Gordon Surgeon of the th

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