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    normal chemical changes in the ingested material usually result from the

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    hensive analyses. The thoughtful physician is compelled, therefore, to

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    Her mother had suffered from rheumatic fever, and it was clear that the

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    Davis, John L. Davis, Charles A. Devendorf, Z. Tay-

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    cytes. In purpuric smallpox there is marked leukocytosis. The lowest count

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    solution of caustic potash which is mixed with the specimen

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    well, but was taken with a slight cold and died suddenly.

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    bodies as found in rabbits and man, and those produced in other animals

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    cities most affected are those chiefly resorted to by foreigners. Thus, 5 fatal

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    However, in the great majority of such cases, careful examination should

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    cosmopoli- revolutionized medicine by brilliant discoveries and

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    Paronychia. — Paronychia is frecjuently observed, but as a rule, it is a late

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    the urine in large quantity may be regarded in a general way as an indication

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    half of them were between 30 per cent, and 34 per cent, (in-

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    definitely understood that appropriate liberal feeding is of greater service

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    eight to fourteen days. As a rule the incubation period lasts from two to

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    is not infrequently the case, or else result in damage to the

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    Scarlatina can, then, be said to be imported within those zones and, having

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    a number of accessory causes, such as conditions of locality, time, and indi-

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    successful consultant that he has but little time to

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    contained a small amount of fat in minute but distinct

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    during this century was that a certain group of the cases with continued

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    amining a portion of that sediment, or by centrifugalizing

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    of humanity have desired to see the things which J.^^^f^"'^

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