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erable and assists materially in maturing the growing crops.

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general blood letting. Moreover we must be careful that even in

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The use of the guillotine has not become universal because it

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the proireny will most closely resembh the prepotent progenitor. T w

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on the llth January. He was much reduced and his countenance was anxious.

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touch but when the tumor grows gradually it is not usually very sore.

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and.old and the.r valuable working qualities for they are able to per

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and broncho pneumonia of simple inflammatory origin might

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the treatment of hepatitis has been amply proved by the clinical

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areolar tissue subjacent to them it is improbable that inflamma

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any hut hlooded lio s that arc doctoring

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not even when she is stone bli.d and all danger of subsequent recurrent

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Inspection ten hours after death. Abdomen. The omentum adhered firmly to the

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All this time the lameness continues very great and if

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much the more time to devote to the study of disease it places

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Dr. J. Lewis Smith recommends its internal administration in

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the appropriate remedies used the result will be satisfactory but

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was undisturbed. Faces were placid except a little distortion

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means used in the exacerbation have no power in shortening the

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had never suffered from acute visceral disease was attacked with inflammation of the

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all the circumstances of military service in the hot season is an

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far maintained that on casual observation you would not detect

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It could not be performed in every case needing Ceesarian

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Vaccination and Inoculation in India and in Dr. Mackinnon s

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with its intermission the tendency of a climate which prevents the return

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of the sixteenth century the dates of his birth and death

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The bicarbonate of sodium in pretty full and frequently repeated

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shaking my faith in the soundness of the mercurialising doctrines of Drs Annesley

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adhered. The thin layer of parenchyma interposed between the peritoneal covering

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time be necessary and shall make an annual report at the reg

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it better to resist the undermining effects of the disease. It

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First of all they are the two grandest medical discoveries

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life while the boiling of organic material or its subjection

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