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sistent. As I have before expressed myself in a paper upon

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fession should properly appreciate this situation. It is necessary for

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As to treatment, Mr. Treves make the following recommendations:

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prolapse in man is generally produced by three causes. The

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for it acts upon the nervous and circulatory systems as well. Upon the kid-

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Case 12 was a very unfavorable one, from the size of the woman, time

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quences, both to mother and child. Therefore, on August 7th, he began

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tive for organic lesions. Right lung is normal. Left lung; pro-

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THE TROUBLES of the drug addiction specialist are many and

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to the condition of her genitals, and, in consequence thereof, she had

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American author had a French and German drag upon his plausible

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with sapo. virid., ounces 3. In these two latter forms it is applied and

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various physicians) I cultivated organisms, classed as higher fungi,

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the tongue. I counted thirteen different abscesses. The pharynx and

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Take the case of locomotor ataxia and note the wonderful

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head leaves the biparietal diameter without lessening in 55 per cent, of cases;

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of. the infant as an aid in diagnosis, a point not generally ob-

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blepharospasm, no numbness or paresis, etc., I think the proof conclusive

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of the drum-cavity; (6) the rare "congenital dermoid growths" of the inner

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physician in America, and might have been a success but for the almost

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no symptom in consumption is more capricious or of less prognostic

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might be unfavorably regarded by some of the insured persons.

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beginning of the infiltration in the corium there is associated a pathological

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be present in the urine after the second day, but it is not a constant

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street. A soldier resting in a dugout and buried by a shell-

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urea, he should be on a low protein diet for the same length of

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for a time, but the growth then returned in the same situation, as also in the

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The book was issued too soon to contain a description of the

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sion the "creature" of the Insurance Companies, and the Governor's

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back. This increase of bacilli seems wholly untouched by counter-irrita-

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tressing symptom. As in children, the patient is subject to attacks of

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and oversecretion of the succus entericus. Motor insufficiency

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uals, such as pneumococcus bronchitis, furunculosis, etc.

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erty of this drug which had not been before described and that

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treatment by radium of this patient. In the present state of our

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a certain proportion of the alleged haemic bruits are in reality not

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Section of the brain gave normally formed ventricles, ganglia, and

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ulcer. She weighed A9 l / 2 pounds when she entered the hospital. She

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strictures of the rectum are due to syphilis — not venereal, in

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withstanding the improvement in surgical technique during the

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the rectum, at the recent meeting of the British Medical Association {British

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