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In color the Ayrshires vary greatly. Brown red and white apjjears

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injury from general or local blood letting in the second species

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In Boston she witnessed ovariotomy by Dr. John Homans

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experience must determine but there can be no doubt that the

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receive from a sojourn at the seaside is the effect of the fresh

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extent of two inches between the seventh and eighth ribs the intercostal muscles

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ing is so extreme that you are considering the necessity of

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scicntitic care so long that their character is constant and uniform in

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was also dulness on percussion subcrepitus and bronchial sounds. He continued

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in this line were Maitre Jean and Brisseau wlio divide the

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frequently examined. It was scanty at first then became more abundant the

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hepatitis. This form however is rare compared with the other

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at his office to consult him with reference to her condition.

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III Wells visited Boston for tlie purpose of iiltro

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and about ten to fifteen minutes at the time. Internally they

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Manhattan for the sum of twenty four dollars there was

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of the muscles were present. A purgative enema was exhibited thirty leeches were

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these months in India is high compared with that of European

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surgeon obstetrician and anatomist. He achieved enor I

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grasses Avill furnish this perfect food. If anything is needed more it may

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As I was walking along Fifth street I was accosted by a

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judicious use will render the greater change less frequently neces

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hotels and boarding houses have left much to be desired but

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S.Tonds and streams there are no better or more profitable ducks.

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unpleasant was the position of the army surgeon up to this

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managed the few losses that were incurred from their injuring each other

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by the means and in accordance with the principles here incul

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east to west. The buildings with the exception of one block were

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them indigenous to the West which we only mention as a caution against

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and took medicines chiefly absorbents and opiates with occasional laxatives and so

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brief and hasty for the importance of the subject may yet

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inflammation of the areolar tissue of the portal canals even to their

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nervous Arabian and the stolid and elephantine cart horse.

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versal rule not to disturb the vomiting of pregnancy unless it

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before giving the treatment requiring the lonfrest.

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