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appears in the current number of the Practitioner. Dr.

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tremens was not great in degree. The following circumstance doubtless not over

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In selected clinical cases of natives deaths occurred.

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most concern the surgeon and those in which most lemarh

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Dr. Taylor opened the discussion by sajring that he thought

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and that of murmurs best heard at the apex and mitral valvular

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tation of both ventricles and in two dilatation and hypertrophy

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towards evening without distinct chills. He had never suffered from rheumatism.

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tions to Physicians who will pay the express charge.

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tncophyton tonsurans. It is contagious and attacks all classes of ani

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fact in all fistulas. He surmised that turpentine excited ener

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made such requirements for knowledge sagacity and dex

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towards evening without distinct chills. He had never suffered from rheumatism.

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chemistry of the blood and in therapeutics was wedded

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tion of temperature exercises a depressant influence on the vital

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it can be alleviated by keeping the feet as cool and soft

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earliest period of the disease and the lowest in those in whom it

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and sthenic natives of the latter nd that in tropical countries

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get it as well from any other source. That it was full

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color to preferred but such as are of a transparent white

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hot during the drought of summer and during he ICld Ze

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airiving home from their European tours and relieving their

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tion in other textures of the body.. That dysentery is caused

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face convex instead of concave as it should be. Sometimes the too of

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perature acts as the exciting cause of sun stroke. In the cardiac

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Bernard Switzerland have long been famous for their sagacity m tni k

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they are also less numerous but between thirty one and forty the

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seed meal for two or three days and ultimately disintegration

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and a great step toward the truth. Soon after Columbus

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Though this fact may now be admitted still the statement made

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chest. The inspirations are short and imperfect but the expirations

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surgery and is sufficiently profound for any operation how

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ally lessened and an adequate diet should be reverted to as soon

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l rinciples in combination with them. It is in this diathesis

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Patchen Boy by Godfrey s Patchen dam Lady Hooper by Defiance

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by Mr. Murray published in the first second and seventh num

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even after the deligation of bleeding arteries became general

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mucous membrane of the alimentary canal hence haemorrhages

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Art. Udder broad full extending well forward along the bellv

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moval of all secretion by the combined use of iJie aural

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very dry and also very pure. It is nothing unusual in Los

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twenty years ago. The reader would scarcely recognize the Hereford of

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and temples throbbing thirty leeches applied to the head and diaphoretic mixture

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delee ttere isnodoubt. We once had a noble Newfound and who cu

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year. In a paper published in the st volume of the Trans

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Ducts. Distention of the Gall Bladder Biliary Calculi

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During the rainy and cloudy season heavy flannels and warm

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constitute any part of the treatment of dysentery in India. Even

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