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Treatment of the pathological states of the brain which cause

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red changing to dark red near the tail the tail jet black.

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manner what all the great and well paid chemists have to say

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are seen at birth and are aflenvards ihanged. The fourth double air

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many hair dressings instead of oil. It makes a good substitute

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Furunculus is the name applied by Prof. McEachran to what is called

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loveliness that was simply fascinating to the eye and without

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the portal blood and thereby also assist in secretion. The liver is

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and high coloured. On the th the scanty bloody mucus discharges continued the

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clusion must be evident that general blood letting is a remedy

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department of embryology and physiology where Johannes

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during the chloroform narcosis the pupils contract thoroughly

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in fifteen of the twenty four fatal cases of primary pneumonia and

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Instead of his old isothermal line of he is beginning to

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What to do Make a careful examination and remove the offendin

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decessor and seek in vain to trace some reminder of tliose

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to its presence in the effusion than to its transudation into the

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when pneumonia is seen within five days or a little over it even

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disease they are received into a ward of the Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy


and pushes its drift of warm water in a great oval current

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method for treating infected articles. Similar conclusions were

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the debilitated convalescent from syphilis just as it is in similar conditions

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of beer a day and was tipsy once in a way happening to

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