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    most probably because public opinion was against chloroform.

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    when a considerable degree of inflammation is present. The

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    Pasteur s experiments have proved that earth worms bring to

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    condition the same as though it was an acute endometritis.

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    ing theatrical attractions of America ranging from the irre

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    sional delirium skin moist and hot bowels open eyes wild pulse soft

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    and have for a succession of days been dissipating in the bazaar

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    The urine of the flrst class carnivora is characterised as

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    j ou will see the obscurity sjieedily give way a result never

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    the Colonial and the Revolutionary Wars offered ample

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    Lady Doctors in the Fifteenth Century. Dr. Horowitz

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    and imminent oedema present themselves and the bronchial se

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    San Francisco whereby a rebate of per cent on first class

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    me to analysis amount to thirty four and the conclusions which

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    leaving it more crippled has so far developed no tubercular dis

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    the natural course in cases of this kind has been frequently modified

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    caution and discrimination and under a full appreciation of the

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    for the inventor of lateml lithotomy. Then there were

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    nature s work. Ultimately the cases and bodies alike must

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    seldom in natives or in the classes of Europeans who resort to

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    a voyage to sea followed by a residence in the higher latitudes.

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    been applied they bear the same relation to the spinal cord as

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    thrown out and ossification is begun a good smart blister well rubbed in

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    that he had not been free from rheumatic gout for fifteen years

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    treatment. It is sufficient that in respect to each case of dysentery

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    will very generally be attended with success. This result will be

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