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phthisis they are highly significant. If diarrhea be present, it stubbornly

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e])idemic. The epidemic of 10 IS was at its height in Germany

what is ezetimibe used for

rtill de\utc iiart of their time to carrying on their civilian

zetia costo

It is certain that the bacillus can maintain an existence for months

ezetimibe generic name

a fuel value of 3000 calories per man per day. The nutritive

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not speaking of the possibility of immunizing both man and

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from tubercle bacilli by extraction with a one-tenth normal

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rack of torture I could not have suffered more in joints and

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Do not have milk delivered early in hot weather and left

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remarkable. The patient usually maintains a hopeful state of mind,

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is very pure and free particularly from lime, and hence no

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during the active stage of the disease or at any period during the course

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suggestions. My thanks are also due Mr. Thomas F. Dagney, of the

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while the most simple hydriatic measures afford comfort and neutralize

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fessor Gross was one of the most regular attendants and

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before admitting the latter to his confidence when the issues are so

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leading from the main, is opened for the purpose of filling the cylinders ;

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The first case of ileus successfully treated by gastric lavage was

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also develop in the course of this disease. Unless combined with the

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It may cause toxic features and speedy death without consolidation of

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from 0.2//-0.3//. The organisms contained two spores, one at either

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patients, although recovering, suffered such great discomfort from their

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Confirmation of the value of irrigation treatment of typhoid fever

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one attack after he commenced the remedy, and now has not

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duces an increase of oxygen consumption and CO., excretion in warm-

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colorless, looking fluid, perfect rice-water discharges. I could

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oxysms may recur daily, bi-daily, or at longer intervals, and in severe

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invariably, infected. It is the in-door atmosphere, laden with bacilli,

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of the same — that is, he might be treating the ])aticnt in bed at

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bly, the doctor recovers, and the two become inseparable com-

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until she got up ; then " doubts, fears, questions as to the best course to pursue, "

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bay and the Bombay Presidency ; in November, the disease, " which had

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the injected toxine will reinforce that in the blood, and the

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our own wines, as we should do, whenever possible. As to

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