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would be shifting if not shirking a responsibility were I to

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testimony to the success of the system here advocated. Though

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tion. The position of the cervix relative to the outlet of the

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flabby and contained fibrinous coagula. Abdomen. The liver was pale and parts of

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Hydragogue h. medicine which removes effused fluids from the system.

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distil off the benzine and the wool fat remains combine this

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tion from the cutaneous surface leading to an undue accumulation

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the educated as compared with the uneducated dog is pithily described

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bodies while tlie other has high crests and long bodies with limbs of

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It is true that the time passed since the first operation is but

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India my dissection reports show that it was not unfrequently

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mation. The answer appears to me simple and evident. If we

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great as he was was the uncompromising foe of instru

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it would appear that the ancient Britons had horses trained to different

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How to know it. The limbs swell enormously so much so that the

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The affectation and empiricism of regarding particular articles

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two as already stated were believed to prove fatal shortly after

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was very little discharge no tension but considerable hardness around the puncture

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The treatment should be similar to that advised for pncumo entent s

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