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symptoms the dyspnoea and asthenia increased and diarrhoea was superadded. He

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inflamed capillaries are the same and both carrying arterial blood

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Percherons. The Clydesdales are an English Scotch breed of.rel

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that of the human eye the ophthalmoscopic appearance of the

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of the explanation hair twisted and pulled and rubbed and

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bodily vigor to react readily from the shock is the immediate

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separation of the ligature can be effected it requires to cut

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Continue the application once a day till cured and do not lei him

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excretion are necessarily in abeyance but the longer the collapse has

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arrived at a similar conclusion when not aware that the same view

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the several stages have been passed through more slowly we

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will stand quiet for a while brace his legs till he

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statement exhibits the duration of illness of the patients before

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cessation of ptyalism then the latter is regarded as the cause and

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will have ceased forever to pull at the halter simply to free itself.

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beneficial efl ects of iridectomy in arresting glaucomatic in

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epithelial debris and partly of amorphous lymph exudation is

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lu endeavoring to determine the muscular power of the heart

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are now undergoing rigid scrutiny all over the world. But

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and each has its own appropriate means.. To control the ex

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sources of the sounds of the heart which do not attribute much of

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The record of the habits of these clinical patients has not been

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siderably shortened. There is a third specimen that is worth

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operative midwifery on the cadaver and manakin. Also the

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andhneness rennu kableforhis darting square trot that iMor o v

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and the necessity of providing for their protection by suitable

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tion in hospital the external phenomena of scurvy were not

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lished an epitome of anatomy illustrated with wood cuts.

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Transverse ulceration may also exist with thickening of the

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ing jumping running etc. inclinations such as the appetite eitli er rav

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pliysiology even naturaUsts and philosophers took part in

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Ju tind lift of IheThahitat. TV. large Heeds white norai

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in the eyelids which are named after him. Besides these

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oil and phosphorus phosphorus being the urgently demanded

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